Managed Shared Leasing

Why Shared Leasing?

When to Consider DIVVY JET Managed Shared Leasing

You occasionally charter aircraft

and you are less than impressed with the service, availability, reliability and high costs you have experienced.

You experienced the high cost of jet cards

and are looking for a more cost effective solution with more control for your needs.

You have or had a fractional ownership

and are done feeling fractionalized by always flying random aircraft with different pilots with less than desirable reliability and communication. You are frustrated with paying surprise add-on fees with a marginal overall experience.

You want more control of your hours

you fly without worrying about limits. Fly in your aircraft with UNLIMITED HOURLY USE.

You would like to purchase an aircraft

but can not justify the total ownership costs with the amount of time you plan to fly annually and have no interest in offsetting your costs with minimal chartering returns.

You currently own an aircraft

and want to reduce and share your costs for the amount of time you utilize it annually.

You want private air travel at a value

Simply put, you want it and you can have it.

Divvy Plane on Rural Runway
Colleagues aboard a Divvy corporate jet

Simple Cost Structure

No Hidden or Surprise fees

Low Origination Fee
(No Large Capital Cost Required)

Monthly Lease & Management

Hourly and Variable

DIVVY JET manages your shared leased aircraft and costs to provide you the greatest value

Aircraft Leasing

Takeoff in 15 Minutes

No Capital Costs

Lowest Cost Model

Private, Secure
and Flexible

No Hidden Fees

Up to 50%
Cost Savings
Personalized and
Pet Friendly
First Class
Every Time
Professionally Managed

Aircraft Ownership

Takeoff in 15 Minutes

Shared Cost
(2-8 Owners)

Up to 50%
Cost Savings

Personalized and Pet Friendly

Depreciable Asset

Lowest Ownership Cost

Private, Secure and Flexible

First Class
Every Time

Professionally Managed

Divvy Planes on a runways

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