Managed Shared Leasing

The fastest access and lowest cost path to a private jet with no capital expense

Divvy Plane

What is Divvy Jet?


For those flying 10 days or more per year, DIVVY JET Managed Shared Leasing provides up to 50% savings so you can use your leased aircraft as much as you need with UNLIMITED HOURLY USE at a fraction of the cost.

Top Reasons Companies and Individuals Prefer Private Aircraft Travel

Business Man boarding a Divvy Jet

You Choose Your Travel Companions

Business associates or personal friends and family, no strangers.
Even your pets and in-laws are welcome.

You Bypass Airport Stress

No TSA, long lines, crowded spaces, waiting at the gate and delays. Takeoff within 15 minutes of arriving at the private side of the airport.

You Travel in Comfort

Experience first-class every time.

You Choose Where

Flying to your desired destination may not be a common one or one served by the airlines. Reach over 5000 airports vs 503 served by the airlines.

You Make Your Own Schedule

Avoid airline schedules.
Your schedule is your schedule and your time is worth a lot.
Plan ahead or make last minute needed changes.

You Can Avoid Connections and Layovers

Especially to less common destinations. Fly direct every time.

Female on a Divvy Jet

Biggest Differentiator of DIVVY JET Shared Aircraft Leasing is COST

  • Divvy Jet – Shared Leasing
  • Fractional Ownerships
  • Sole Ownership
  • Jet Cards & Memberships

Red Block representing $$$ $$$

Divvy Jet’s innovative shared leasing model provides you with access to your leased aircraft with


Reach over 5000 airports vs 503 served by the airlines.

Fly in YOUR leased aircraft

Unlike other use models, your aircraft is limited to the number of shares/users to maximize availability for you. No substitutions or surprises on departure day.

Fly with YOUR professional pilots

Dedicated to you and your aircraft. Familiar, trained and trusted pilots that will know you and you will know them. Other use models rely on 3rd party charters, fractional, jet card and membership programs with random aircraft and pilots.

Professionally managed

We take care of everything. Simply request a flight and we will take care of the rest.

Colleagues boarding into flight in a Divvy corporate jet
Passeners on a Divvy Jet Plane

Lowest cost model

Up to 50% savings on aircraft share, management cost and hourly operating cost. Fly more for less.

More choices

No preset choices here. We consult and assist in finding the right aircraft for your mission and budget.

No Waiting List

A share of a new aircraft with other use models can leave you waiting for 1-2 years to fly. Our innovative shared leasing model allows you to be in an aircraft quickly.

Unlimited Hourly Use

Use YOUR aircraft as much as you need.

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